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NEW RELEASE: The Iconic Elevator

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The Iconic Elevator - Vanishing Horizons of the Western Prairies. Impressions in Oil, Pastel and Charcoal, by Fritz Stehwien (Hardcover)
Preserved in selected landscape works, these vanishing horizons feature a much loved prairie icon. Whether majestically close or appearing tiny in the distance, the prairie grain elevator was ever present.

This small and handy 8x6 inch art book focuses on Fritz Stehwien's works of the Canadian prairies back to 1967. It's the third book in a series - another portable art gallery, without much text, that can be enjoyed like an exhibit, time and time again. Over 40 prairie motifs featuring the iconic elevator in all seasons with an index in the back. Originals and prints of these and other landscapes are also available for purchase.