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About us

  • We're migrating our etsy shops to this Giftshop and Gallery, while continuing with the massive documentation and archival tasks . Also bringing together the blogs that tell the stories and show the progress. Meet our family team:






    Chantal  -  Shop Operator, Archival Assistant

    Hi! I'm Fritz & Waltraude Stehwien's grandchild; though I was born and raised in Saskatoon, I've spent the last five years living in the UK -- flying back every so often to help archive, organize, and research my family's many (and varied) artworks.


    Barbara  -  Owner, Dispatcher, Project Lead

    I'm passionate about Stehwien art! Our vast collection is like a walk-in family album; the scent of fresh oil paint now mixing with dust as works age into antiques. Archiving is making it clear that the artworks are rich with history worth sharing.


    Anette  -  Photographer, Family Consultant

    My camera is my passion! I'm the artists' oldest daughter and remember growing up with my siblings, surrounded by artwork. To have watched our parents 'in action' indoors and out seemed normal but feels like a privilege now: Our father with his paints and canvas, our mother with her graphic pens. Much is digital now, but my archive of negatives holds precious bygone moments and artworks left behind.