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Steffi Stehwien

I feel jewelry should be personal,
playful and unique!
As a freelance artist, I specialize in creating custom designed 'One-of-a-Kind' pieces.

From personal jewelry to custom wedding  rings and memorial jewelry, I'm happy to bring my skills and ideas to your dreams of a piece that is very special and unique to you.

Read more about me in my Bio:

As a very young child I was already fascinated with precious metals and gems. Being the second oldest daughter of Fritz and Waltraude Stehwien, I grew up in Germany surrounded by art, never lacking inspiration and creativity.

At age 19 I pursued my passion for precious metals full time here in Canada. After an apprenticeship in the goldsmith trade, I studied design at the Alberta College of Art and graduated in 1972 with honours, completing a four year program in just two.

I have always felt that jewelry should be personal, playful and unique. As a freelance artist my 'One-of-a-kind' pieces range from personalized wedding rings to multi-use changeable necklaces. My creations are mostly in gold and silver, sometimes combined with precious or semi precious gems, leather, wood, or glass beads. A piece often transforms into multiple adornments with moving parts, hinges and clasps.

While active as a goldsmith in both Alberta and Ontario, I received first prizes, was supported with study grants and had work purchased for the permanent collection Ontario Guild of Crafts in 1973.

The list of exhibitions includes Saskatchewan, Alberta, Ontario and Germany.