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Würmtal I: Works by Fritz Stehwien, 1958-1968 in Germany

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Motive aus dem Würmtal I: Works by Fritz Stehwien, 1958 - 1968 (Würmtal Motifs)

Another incredible 'portable art gallery', this one as a set of two hardcover books.

An illustrated tour through the Swabian Valley in southern Germany through the eyes of Fritz Stehwien. With paintbrush or pencil, Fritz captured many idyllic and historic views from the village of Döffingen, where he and his young family lived for 10 years, beginning in 1958. Many portraits of family, friends and commissions are included. Illustrations are high resolution reproductions from originals, with sizes, materials, and titles in German. Included is a brief biography of the artist, in both German and English.

Prints and some originals from this era are available for purchase. Inquire below.