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Dolls in Heritage Dress, Limited Edition Puzzle

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Dolls in German Heritage Dress, or Trachtenpuppen, by Waltraude Stehwien, as a one-of-a-kind 500 piece puzzle.

A wonderful photograph of dolls in heritage dress who appear to be folk dancing in the grass. Waltraude Stehwien, with her extensive knowledge of folklore was the long time costume designer of a childrens cultural dance group in Saskatoon. The dolls in the puzzle are wearing some of these handmade costumes in miniature, complete with the detailed stitching on blouses and hats, that has been a long time German heritage tradition.

The photo print and puzzle pieces are high quality which all adds up to an exquisite and delightful puzzle experience. Very limited edition, only 25 available through our online store or studio visit/pick-up.

The finished puzzle measures 24"x18" and rates as medium easy on the challenge scale. Very high on the fun factor.

Purchase of this puzzle also doubles as a fundraiser for the dance group.

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