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Saskatoon Autumn Skyline, Limited Edition Puzzle

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Saskatoon Winter Skyline, Oil on Canvas, as a one-of-a-kind 500 piece puzzle.

A wonderful way of art appreciation: Get up close and personal to this painting by Fritz Stehwien. Each of the 500 pieces contains the paintstrokes of Saskatoon's autumn or fall skyline, a motif Stehwien painted and sketched frequently, over the years. The image and the pieces are high quality which all adds up to an exquisite and very unique puzzle experience. Very limited edition, only 30 available through our online store or studio visit/pick-up.

The finished puzzle measures 24"x18" and rates medium to medium high on the difficulty scale.

Our puzzle manufacturer is Create Jigsaw Puzzles - they make high quality products! Compare prices for a single custom made 500 puzzle: $40.60 plus $19.60 shipping