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Fritz Stehwien: A Retrospective

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Fritz Stehwien: A Retrospective (Softcover Book)

This slim edition covers the highlights of Fritz Stehwien's long artistic career. With his first works dating back to his teenage years in a north eastern German village, Stehwien sketched, etched, drew, and painted right up until his passing in 2008. In this 24 page retrospective book, over 50 of his finest works are reproduced thematically, together showcasing a varied and historically informed career. From the even crops of Southern Germany to fields of war-torn Belarus, and finally to the peaceful prairies of Saskatchewan, Fritz Stehwien captured the scenery, people, and places wherever he went. In some ways his was the archetypical immigrant narrative, and in many more ways unique to his own experiences. The artworks produced by this career artist are a telling tale of a life spanning nearly a century, crossing continents, and living through one of the most poignant events in history. This book was first printed in 1993 for Stehwien's first Canadian retrospective exhibition, then officially published in 2014 to commemorate what would have been his 100th birthday. A full biographical time line is included.